Delight Header Sticker

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Part Number:HW9062
Fits the Double Door cooler, Mini Market Set, or 46 Kiosk. 

Please trim your stickers prior to application to the appropriate size based on your specific fixture.  Helpful cutting guides have been printed onto the stickers for your convenience. You will notice that these blend into the photograph so please look carefully.  Also, because stickers are standardized for multiple different fixtures of varying widths, you will notice multiple cut guides for various sizes of fixtures. 

In order to ensure you select the proper guide(s). We recommend physically holding the sticker up to the fixture to select which guide you will use. Before applying or removing the backing, we recommend trimming your sticker using a straight edge, such as a ruler, and a very sharp cutting utensil.  Then place the sticker on your fixture. 

Pro Tip: You can use a light mist of Windex for easy adjustments when applying. 

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