Lil DrugStore 132pc Display Metal Rack with Product

Your Price: $159.00
Part Number:HW1401
MSRP $2.49 per piece. We will also track your inventory and setup reorders and inventory. Please call 715-386-2233 or email [email protected] for more details. 12 each of: Trial Tyl ES Cap 4ct, Trial Advil 4ct, Trial LD Headache Rlf 4ct, Trial Aleve 2ct, Trial Advil PM 4ct, Trial Claritin 1ct, Trial LD Algy 6ct, Trial LD MltS Sns 6ct, Trial Zantac 150 2ct, Trial Pepto-Bismol 4ct; 6 each of: Trial DayQuil Severe 4ct, Trial NyQuil 4ct

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