Night Owl X9-44-500
Night Owl X9-44-500

Night Owl 8-Channel (4 Camera)

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Part Number:HW2105
8 Channel Smart HD Video Security System with 1 TB HDD and 4 x 1080p HD Cameras Modern High Definition technology is amazing for movies and sports, and now, it’s even better for video security! The latest in cutting edge HD technology has greatly impacted the video surveillance market. Customers continue to demand more enhanced image quality for use in applications where showcasing movement and identifying objects are vital. Nothing is more precious than your family, your home, your business and your peace of mind. Clearer HD images and video greatly enhance the recognition of intricate details such as license plate numbers and distinct facial features. With the introduction of HD resolution in security cameras, clearer and sharper images have become the new standard! New Technology Analog HD (AHD) technology reduces cost by using the existing coaxial cable infrastructure. AHD puts an end to network issues and IP conflicts, and eliminates the need for an IT department to manage IP cameras. If you purchased a video security system in the past 10 years and want to seamlessly upgrade to HD, Night Owl’s AHD Series is your simple and cost-effective solution. (Note: Night Owl recommends using a minimum cable gauge of 24AWG cable for installation. Please test your existing cabling one at a time to ensure compatibility) No computer needed for Playback Night Owl HD allows you to easily playback video from multiple cameras in one screen on your smart device. Plus, you have the ability to play back up to 6 months of video footage without ever having to touch the DVR again. Our intuitive smart app can even store the video or picture directly onto your smart device.

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